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Diagraph provides product identification solutions that make it easy for manufacturers to make the perfect mark. From technology pairing to comprehensive service support, our high-speed inkjet coders, date coder products and all-electric automated labelers help customers in every aspect of their coding and labeling operations


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  • Avoid Labeling Mistakes by Removing Plant Air Posted 9 months ago
    The process of applying labels in the packaging industry is a critical aspect of production that demands precision and speed. Transitioning to all-electric label applicators can significantly enhance this process by eliminating the reliance on plant air, resulting in cost reductions and fewer instances of misapplied or missing labels. Advantages associated with implementing all-electric label applicators in manufacturing operations are listed below. Gain precision and accuracy through applicator control The closed-loop speed control and setting capabilities of servo motors in all-electric labelers ensure consistent and repeatable label placement. Achieving this level of consistency is considerably more challenging for pneumatic labelers that rely on plant air. When a pneumatic labeler connects to the plant’s main air line, air pressure availability for optimal tamp movement cannot always be guaranteed. This is because air pressure availability depends on how many other pieces of equipment are connected to or using the main air line in that moment. If the air pressure is insufficiently distributed and falls below the required level, the actuator may not fully engage or may take longer to engage leading to inaccurate ...
  • Is training production line workers creating a challenge? No problem!  Posted 7 years ago
    Companies rely on engineers or technicians to keep production lines up and running. Because these job functions are essential to hitting production targets, it is critically important that their skill level on equipment is proficient. The amount of time and money that will have to be invested in training production line workers should be a major deciding factor when deciding to replace product identification equipment.  Many manufacturers apply variable information such as lot, batch and expiration dates on their products with continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology for the following reasons: Relatively low capital costs Capability to print in any orientation on most materials at high speeds Ability to install one or two CIJ printers on each packaging production line The Linx 8900 series offered by Diagraph offers an additional benefit: minimal need for line operators to learn new procedures when the units are introduced to the production line.  Linx 8900 Service Features   Traditionally, CIJ printers require the attention of skilled labor to keep printers clean (which is critical to operation) or to tweak print quality at the print head level. The industry leading Linx ...
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