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Trident Industrial Inkjet Printer

Trident piezoelectric impulse inkjet print heads and inks are used in a variety of applications that require high-quality and high-speed industrial-grade printers and equipment. They offer the ability to change text, graphics or barcode information easily and frequently.

Primary applications for our printing products are:

  • Case coding
  • Product coding


Trident's large format inkjet printers are used worldwide and are based on a durable, versatile and repairable proprietary piezoelectric impulse inkjet technology that delivers the price and performance characteristics required by industrial markets.

Trident’s patented technology forms a high-definition image with micro-droplets of ink that travel across a small gap through the air to the printing surface. The micro-droplets of ink are ejected from orifices smaller than a human hair at frequencies of up to 15,000 drops per second from each orifice.

Trident's proprietary impulse inkjet printing technology employs a piezoelectric crystal that changes shape when an electric field is applied across it. The patented technology utilizes the piezoelectric crystal as a piston opposite the orifice through which the ink is projected onto the print surface. The process of a printer marking each droplet takes approximately 0.0001 seconds. Generating the micro- droplets at high frequencies and velocities increases the distance they can travel. This enables a larger gap between the print head and the print surface.

The high print pressures allow more than one orifice to be placed in each channel, increasing the marking area without added cost and complexity. The arrangement of the piezoelectric crystal and ink channels along with the use of multiple orifices per channel are proprietary to Trident.