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Allen 50/30 Super Compact Hot Foil Coder

The Allen 50/30 is the workhorse of the hot foil coder industry. It boasts a comprehensive range of type and type holders, allowing you to further customize your expiration date, product identification and lot/batch number requirements. The Allen 50/30 works reliably as a standalone system and also integrates seamlessly into existing production lines with labeling and packaging machines. This hot foil coder is most often used on food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial production lines requiring a 48mm x 30mm print area at up to 800 prints per minute.


  • Low foil warning, which can be set to individual requirements
  • Foil run-out warning, allowing foil replacement to be immediate, minimizing downtime. This feature can be connected to the parent machine ensuring no products pass uncoded
  • Low temperature and thermo couple failure warnings inhibit the coder until the correct temperature is reached or fault rectified
  • Variable temperature control to suit the application - set quickly and easily
  • Self check diagnostic software
  • Left and right hand models are available giving extra installation flexibility
  • Its reliable high speed operation reaches speeds of up to 800 prints per minute
  • Online hot foil coders are used to code expiry dates, product identification information, lot and batch numbers onto labels and packaged products
  • Suitable for installation onto most high speed packaging and labeling machines
  • The digital display control box gives highly accurate dwell and temperature control ensuring that unrivaled accuracy of print is attained at all times
  50/30 Specifications
Application High speed hotstamp for sustainable printing expiration dates, lot/batch codes
Labels, films, and flexible packaging
Suitable for integration with labeling and packaging machines
Operation Pneumatic/electric in-line coder
Printing Method Hot stamp process; individually set alpha-numeric type and/or unitized engraved
Printing Area 48mm W x 30mm H
Printing Characteristics Multiple lines
Up to 800 prints per minute
Temperature adjustment
Hot Stamp Ribbon 52mm X 305m (inside wound)
2” x 1000’
Norwood offers a large variety of premium hot stamp ribbon
Power Requirement 110V or 220V
Air Requirement 4 bar (60 psi)
Controls Power indication light
Print enable/disable switch
Ribbon (Foil) Run Out Warning
Manual cycle switch
Adjustable dwell time control
Digital display
Machine Supplied With Power Pack
Control Module
Air Regulator
Standard frame with back up pad
Required Accessories Hotstamp type and ribbon
Dimensions Printer 223mm(8.77") x 205mm (8.08") x 142 mm (5.58")
Height: 15”
Width: 17”
Depth: 20.5”
Weight Shipping 38 lbs.

5030 Literature


2014 Norwood 5030
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Allen Hot Foil Coders
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