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IJ4000 HH IV Series Controller

The IJ4000 HH Integrated Valve Series Handheld Controller features a 7” high resolution touchscreen display and Unicode language capabilities for universal ease-of-use. It pairs seamlessly with Diagraph’s IV 9-Dot, 12-Dot and 18-Dot print heads, providing operators increased versatility with a smaller controller footprint.


  • Compact, handheld controller with 7.0” high resolution touchscreen
  • Durable plastic housing
  • On-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Unicode language capability
  • Ability to set user interface in one language and messages to be printed and created in a different language
  • Enhanced home screen experience including print window scrolling
  • Smoother editing movement for message creation
  • Choice of display background colors to enable customers to color match color coded production lines
  • Pairs seamlessly with Diagraph’s IV 9-Dot, 12-Dot and 18-Dot
  Integrated Value
Controller IJ4000 HMI or IJ4000 HH
Touch Screen Display 10.2" (25.9 cm) Stainless Steel Color or 7" (17.8 cm) Plastic Color
Operator Interface Graphical User Interface, WYSIWYG Editor
QWERTY Keypad Pop up on touch screen
Enclosure Stainless Steel, Environmentally Sealed
Memory 512 MB for unlimited message storage
Connectivity 1 - Ethernet, 1 - USB, 2 - RS232
IO Interface IO Board Option for XLS
Auto Codes Time, Date, Use By, Julian, Count, User Defined, Shifts, Variable Input
Logos Bitmap Images, Multiple Formats
Fonts Arial Standard, True Type Available
PC Interface  
Window PC GUI Software Graphical User Interface, WYSIWYG Editor
Networking Software w/Database Yes
Direct Interface Protocol Provided
Technology Drop on Demand (Integrated Valve Jet)
Print Height 1/2" and 7/8" (IV9-Dot), 1" and 2" (IV18-Dot) Printheads
Print Resolution 9 x 25 dpi (IV9-Dot), 18 x 25 dpi (IV18-Dot)
Standard Print Speeds Up to 200 fpm
Print Speeds w/reduced resolution Up to 650 fpm
Print Options Side, Angled, Top Down, Bottom Up
Print Distance Up to 1/2"
Ink Systems  
Ink Delivery Large Bulk Supply
Ink Supplies 5 & 30 Gallon
Ink Types Porous & Non-Porous,
Water Based & Solvent Based, including
Non-VOC solvent inks
Regulatory Listings TUV (CE/CSA/UL)
Operating Environment 40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)

Integrated Valve Ink Jet Literature


Diagraph IV4000 Brochure
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