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Diagraph E-Tamp Module

The E-TAMP is the workhorse of the Platinum E-Series modules, capable of running throughputs in excess of 120 PPM. The E-TAMP integrates seamlessly with PA7100 and LA7000 systems and is capable of applying labels to front, side or top of cases or pa. It is also able to provide wraparound label solutions in conjunction with a secondary wipe down unit to achieve higher throughputs than conventional wrap systems.


  • Lightweight design allows for the quickest snap-action return. This allows for optimal label transfer time, without adding damaging force to the product
  • Largest range of label dimensions – from 1” to 6” wide web for S86NX and ZE521 and 0.5” to 14” long; Multiple sizes possible on the same pad with ZERO changes
  • Long-life belt actuation – easy cleaning and maintenance – no metal particles due to wear as seen on other electric systems
  • Cabling is high-flex PUR enclosed in energy chain for protection and controlled bend radius. Ensures a minimum of 25M cycles before failure
Parameter Maximum Minimum
Label Length (in.) 13 0.5
Label Width (in.) 6.5 0.5
Line Speed Line Speed 0
Throughput (Print/Apply) 120 PPM 0
Throughput (Label Applicator) 150 PPM 0


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