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small character print on product for tracking and tracing, product traceability

Product identification in the form of date codes, lot codes and batch codes is a crucial step in the supply chain — one which is necessary to trace and recall defective products.

It is crucial that once an identification code has been printed onto a product, like a jar of peanut butter, the unique lot, batch or “Best By” code remains legible on that jar. If the coding on the package is inconsistent or is not applied properly, the financial and health risks increase in the event the batch is found to be defective.

While end users must be able to clearly decipher information like the date code, lot code, batch code and expiration dates, it is the job of the production line worker to have the correct code on the correct products to make that data meaningful. Leading automated coding solutions have capabilities to simplify this process by storing multiple messages and creating unique, variable codes that can assist in the tracking of products from farm to fork.

Having correct, specific codes on all food goods is essential for internal tracing as well as meeting customer expectations.


The Linx 8900 small character continuous inkjet system prints on the widest range of packaging substrates, including plastic bags and pouches, glass, metal cans, flow packs and shrink wrap. A variety of quick-drying inks with different adhesion properties as well as colors are available to achieve durable marks. The Linx 8900 printer stores up to 1,000 diverse SKUs with the ability to pre-program custom line settings with a meaningful name such as beans or milk for easy, mistake-free product changeovers.

Linx laser coders make a permanent mark in most materials including glass, plastic and rubber. Depending on the packaging type, you may achieve a high-contrast mark because lasers do not utilize ink. With message preview abilities, you can quickly browse and select the right message every time for error-free coding.

The Diagraph HP Thermal Inkjet line of industrial printers provide a durable mark on shrink wraps, some films, paper, chipboard and corrugate. The software stores hundreds of messages and can be quickly and easily changed with an option to remove the user interface once a message has been input.

Click below to learn more about the automated marking & coding solutions that help manufacturers achieve their product traceability goals and consumer expectations.

Linx 8900 small character continuous inkjet printers:

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