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Diagraph corner wrap labeling | E-Wasa 

The E-WASA module integrates seamlessly with the Platinum E-Series PA7100 and LA7000 systems to handle heavy duty front-to-side and front-to-top corner wrap moving product applications. It features a smart sensor to prevent label feed when performing its wrap function.


  • Accommodates labels from 2” – 9” wide to 6” – 12” in length
  • Compatible with side orientation and top-down/bottom-up orientation
  • Wrap tightness adjusted with dampening air cushion cylinder
  • Integrated material handling inner guide to prevent product jamming
Parameter Maximum Minimum
Label Length (in.) 14 6
Label Width (in.) 6.5 2
Line Speed 125 FPM 0
Throughput Dependent on Label Length and Product Length 0


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