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Linx 8900 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Linx 8900 Series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers offer industry-leading performance, reliability and quality to meet any budget. Switch today to enjoy more uptime and lower total cost of ownership.

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Linx 8900 CIJ Printers

Less downtime, more coding, lower cost of ownership.

Diagraph's line up of Linx small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers provides a wide range of continuous inkjet coding solutions to meet every budget, line speed, production environment and substrate material need.

Known for industry leading print head reliability, extended maintenance intervals and a simple interface, the Linx 8900 CIJ printer maximizes uptime while saving you money. Its fully sealed design eliminates the need for manual print head adjustments, requiring minimal operator training so you can benefit from increased uptime. 

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Key Features

Advantages of the Linx 8900 CIJ printer

  • Sealed print head design
  • Easiest user interface
  • Minimal operator training
  • Automatic print head flushing
  • One-touch, mess-free fluid refills
  • Quick and easy self-service with intervals of up to 2 years
  • Automatic fluid monitoring
  • Extended shutdown option
  • Advanced system monitoring
  • Effortless product changeovers
  • Prints 1 to 5 lines of alphanumeric text
  • Prints barcodes and simple logos
  • Fit-for-life pump and serviceable ink system components
  • Spend more time printing, go weeks without print head cleaning

Case Study

Milling company achieves high productivity improvements and cost reductions after switching to Linx CIJ printers

A century-old milling company situated in the southeast United States manufactures 140 different products including specialty flours, soft wheat flours, hard and spring wheat flours and various baking mixes. 

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Linx CIJ printer marking bags of flour in production environment

Case Study

Lassonde Pappas improves uptime with Linx 8900 printers

Lassonde Pappas, a California based beverage manufacturer, has overcome the challenges they faced with their previous CIJ solution by switching to the Linx 8900.

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Linx 8900 small character industrial continuous inkjet printer marking on plastic beverage bottles

Case Study

CIJ printer offers versatility to mark on a variety of products making it easy for contract packagers

The exceptional versatility and user-friendliness of a Linx 8900 small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is delivering increased efficiency and convenience for a contract packager.

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Linx 8900 small character industrial continuous inkjet printer in contract packaging facility, Linx printer


Balancing variable coding compliance and sustainability

Customers are challenging manufacturers to prove their commitment to a safer environment. As manufacturers seek to reconcile their coding requirements with corporate sustainability mandates, several strategies can be employed to address these challenges.

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Linx 8900 small character continuous inkjet printer marking on glass bottles, industrial inkjet printer, Linx printer, CIJ printer, CIJ, small character printer

Blog Article

Achieve consistent and unmatched print quality with superior print head design

Achieving optimal print quality with small character continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) is a constant endeavor for manufacturers. CIJ printers must be able to deliver precise drop placement at the correct speed. These two elements are significantly impacted by the print head design and fluid management. Read our blog article to understand how the Linx 8900 Series CIJ offers the reliability and quality customers demand.

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Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer sealed print head, Linx printer, print head

Blog Article

Overcoming skilled labor shortages in manufacturing with Linx 8900 CIJ printers

Manufacturing and packaging companies are required to print non-contact product identification variable information such as lot codes, batch codes and expiration dates on their products. Continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is most often the technology of choice to apply this variable information for various reasons. Click the link below to learn more.

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Linx 8900 small character continuous inkjet printer marking on class jars, Linx printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer FAQs

Do you have further questions? Here you can find more details.

Continuous inkjet printing is a versatile technology optimized for primary packaging and secondary packaging. It is a great choice for marking date and traceability codes using small characters on the widest variety of surface and material types. It performs well at both low and very high production line speeds.

Examples of CIJ printing include batch codes, date codes, expiration dates and so much more!

Continuous inkjet printing is designed to produce high volume, high speed product marking with minimal ink consumption.

The appearance of a CIJ print is "dotted" as individual drops are printed next to each other at visible distances for efficient marking. CIJ printing is mainly about content.

If efficiency is your main concern with the final printed image, CIJ printing and the Linx 8900 series is the right choice for you.

The ResMark 5000 high resolution inkjet printer or the PA7100 print & apply labeling machine offer the capability for larger prints and logos on your products. 

Preventative maintenance intervals range from 1,400 to 18,000 hours or up to 24 months depending on ink type, environment and printer model. Servicing consists of an ink change and filter change to ensure optimum performance of the printer. We also offer maintenence contracts to help better support your maintenence needs. Contact us today to learn more! 

For daily or weekly maintenance, pull the print head cover to see if the print head is clean. Clean as needed. This maintenence can be performed by operators in under 30 minutes. 

Choosing a Linx 8900 series printer was a good first step in maximizing your print quality and reliability. To ensure the system is set up for success, we recommend having Diagraph factory trained and authorized technicians install your printer. These technicians not only will guarantee that the printer is set up for the best print quality, but they can also train your staff on best practices and maintaining the system for continued reliability.

The Linx 8900 performs real-time viscosity checks by monitoring jet time of flight and temperature at the print head which enables the Linx printer to add solvent to the system when needed. This greatly enhances printer performance and in turn maintains tremendous print quality. 

Yes. The Linx 8900 Series consists of a stainless steel cabinet with up to an IP65 rating and positive air feature to lock dust and debris out of the print head. 


See the Linx 8900 in action. For more videos, visit our YouTube Channel

Linx 8900 Product Demonstration

Linx 8900 Product Demonstration

The Linx 8900 Series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer offers manufacturers a coding solution with the simplest, most intuitive user interface, the fewest maintenance requirements and the most built-in features to ensure maximum uptime. Check out the video to see the Linx 8900 in action!

Linx 8900 CIJ Animation

Linx 8900 CIJ Animation

The Linx 8900 series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers offers manufacturers a coding solution with the simplest, most intuitive user interface, the fewest maintenance requirements and the most built-in features to ensure maximum uptime.

Technical Data

Print head Mk11 Midi, Mk11 right-angle
Print head - conduit options 2M (standard), 4M, 6M
Max lines of print 8900/8910: 3 lines
8920/8940: 5 lines
Character height range 8900/8910: 0.07″ – 0.34″
8920/8940: 0.07″ – 0.47″
Max speed single line 8900: up to 574 fpm
8910/8920: up to 1,433 fpm
8940: up to 1,791 fpm
Ink delivery system Fluid cartridges
Automatic date codes, sequentiel numbering 8900/8910: Single range
8920/8940: Multiple ranges
Graphics/Logo printing Yes, via imported bitmap files using USB port
Barcodes ITF 2of5, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13,
UPCA, Pharmacode, Data Matrix, QR Code
Ingress protection rating 8900/8910/8920: IP55 8940: IP65

What Our Customers Say

We are delighted with the Linx 8920s. In terms of code quality, this is exactly in keeping with our brand values as a premium product, while the reliability of the printers helps to ensure that production throughput is consitently maintained.

Factory Manager, Mineral Water Manufacturer

The Linx CIJ printer is the perfect coder for us. Its ability to float around the factory, moving to wherever it is needed, is absolutely priceless — as is its capacity to work with so many different types of packaging.

Operations Manager, Contract Packaging Company

The new printers provided us with reliable and operator-friendly solutions at a lower cost of ownership. Combined with Diagraph's exceptional customer support, we have ultimately improved our efficiency and have peace of mind knowing we're compliant with regulatory requirements.

Juan Carillo, Plant Manager, Lassonade Pappas

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