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Track and trace requirements in a modern production environment are extensive. To ensure compliance with customer and regulatory requirements, products are tracked and labeled at every step of the production process.

Pallet labeling is the final step in any comprehensive production, storage or shipping environment, and it ensures that your meticulously manufactured and packaged products will be correctly and efficiently routed to your customers.


Automated pallet labeling offers clear efficiency benefits over hand labeling. In addition to the increased potential for inaccuracy, hand labeling is limited to the speed of your fastest employee on their best day.

Labeling rates with automated pallet labeling systems vary quite a bit depending on the type of labeling method used and the number of application points, but a standard tamp system should be able to label 120 products per minute. All-electric labeling solutions often outperform their traditional pneumatic counterparts. By eliminating the need for plant air, all-electric labeling systems utilize smart sensors that detect problems and make real-time adjustments while labeling. This decreases labeling errors and maximizes machine uptime. 


In all production and packaging environments, worker safety is paramount. Automated labeling not only helps keep products safe, but also takes workers out of the production line area—minimizing the likelihood of ergonomic and repetitive stress injury, or accidents on the work floor caused by workers coming in contact with loaded pallets.

Systems not specifically designed for pallet labeling applications can have difficulty navigating the layer of shrink-wrap often used on pallets, causing the system to become tangled, dragged or tipped over.

Diagraph has created the only all-electric pallet labeling system currently on the market. Our fans and vacuums are quiet, low maintenance and easy to clean. In addition, the energy savings from an all-electric solution makes our system a greener option for your labeling needs.

The Diagraph all-electric labeling series serves as a versatile pallet labeling solution for traceability, warehouse management and product ID applications. The system enables manufacturers to drive pallet labelers on multiple transit lines from a single controller.

Learn more about our all-electric labeling machines:

Read our white paper to learn more.

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