Large Character Inkjet Printer | Integrated Valve Marking
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Value Jet System on Conveyor
IV18 - Dot Print on Brown Corrugate
IV9 - Dot and IV18 - Dot Printheads on Corrugate
Dark Roast Coffee IV Print on Brown Corrugate

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Integrated Valve Ink Jet

Diagraph's Integrated Valve (IV) marking and coding technology that is found in our drop on demand large character inkjet printers, deliver highly readable alphanumeric codes and logos where achieving the lowest cost per mark is important for the application. These dot matrix, valve jet case coders are engineered for reliable, low-maintenance, 24/7 operation in harsh industrial environments.

The IV case coding technology series allows manufacturers to manage two independent production lines with up to 16 print heads daisy-chained to a single controller. It is perfect for coding applications that require fonts as small as 3/16" and as large as 2". Substrates that pair perfectly with the IV series include corrugate, plastic, metal, glass, drywall, wood products, pipe and carpet.

IJ4000 Valve Controller

IJ4000 HMI IV Controller

The IJ4000 HMI Integrated Valve Controller features a 10.2” color touch screen display that is specially enclosed in stainless steel to withstand the most challenging of industrial environments. Pairs seamlessly with IV9-Dot and IV18-Dot printheads.

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Integrated Valve Controller

IJ4000 HH IV Series Controller

IJ4000 HH Integrated Valve Series Controller features a 7” high resolution touchscreen display and pairs seamlessly with Diagraph’s full range of IV print heads, providing operators increased versatility with a smaller controller footprint.

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IV18-Dot Print Head


The IV18-Dot print head is available in 1" and 2" print heights. Its durable die-cast aluminum housing makes it ideal for challenging industrial environments. The print head can be daisy chained with up to 3 other IV18-Dot print heads, allowing it to print large logos or large multi-lined alphanumeric text messages.

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Legacy products

Diagraph's legacy portfolio includes the following products. View more to understand your servicing or product upgrade options.

IV18-Dot Print Head


The IV9-Dot print head is environmentally sealed in order to perform reliably in harsh environments. The print head is available in ½” and 7/8” print heights and can be daisy-chained with up to 15 other IV9-Dot print heads, allowing you to print large logos or other large multi-lined alpha numeric print messages.

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