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Diagraph NEXTConnect™

Monitor and manage the maintenance, performance and messages of your product identification equipment across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging levels within a centralized dashboard using Diagraph NEXTConnect™. Handling these critical tasks manually leaves you vulnerable to mistakes and puts a drain on useful resources for more strategic jobs. Take back your control and peace of mind with a simplified and streamlined process for your operations.



Just a few benefits of utilizing a printer management software like NEXTConnect for your coding operations include:

  • Reduced human errors and more code accuracy
  • Eliminating manual intervention and monitoring
  • Decreased risk of downtime with system notifications in real-time to alert your operators to any maintenance issues
  • Dynamically populate print message formats with stored product information from compatible databases like Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Databases or SQLite Databases


Be on your way to total peace of mind of the status and operation of your product identification coding systems with these standard NEXTConnect features:

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  • Remote Printer Management & Monitoring
    • Connect remotely to your coding and labeling equipment from your mobile device and computer
    • Quickly review snapshots of printer statuses and messages currently being printed
  • Real-time Notifications
    • Receive notifications on printer status changes and advance maintenance due reminders
    • Choose the reminders you want to receive and where you want to receive them – whether in the app or via email
  • Synchronized Production Changeovers
    • Select and deploy messages to print across coding technologies on your production line
    • Share variable information across print message types
  • Share Print Messages Across Coders
    • Simplify message management and deployment
    • Create a message on one connected coder and apply across all compatible coders through the centralized dashboard
  • Analyze Operational History
    • Track what messages were printed, when they were printed, and how many prints were completed
  • Customize User Access
    • Create a more secure operation by customizing system controls for supervisors, operators and engineers

Ready to get started with Diagraph NEXTConnect™?

Take the next step to automating your coding and labeling operations. Contact a Diagraph representative today to secure a license of Diagraph NEXTConnect™ printer management software.

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Diagraph NEXTConnect™ printer management software is designed to securely run on a dedicated production server. Link your compatible coding and labeling technologies to the NEXTConnect™ server through a direct ethernet connection for risk-free printer management capabilities completely localized to your production environment. Quickly and securely access your NEXTConnect™ dashboards from a mobile device or computer through a networked connection.

System Requirements

Component Impluse Jet System Software
Server Intel Core i5 at 2 GHz or Greater
2 GB RAM Minimum
5 GB Storage Minimum
1 Ethernet Port Minimum
Windows 7 or Greater
Windows Application Intel Core i5 at 2 GHz or Greater
2 GB RAM Minimum
5 GB Storage Minimum
1 Ethernet Port Minimum
Windows 7 or Greater
Android Application   Android 5.0 or Greater
iOS Application   iOS 11.2 or Greater

System Capabilities

Database Connectivity Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, SQLite
Software Users Unlimited
Connected Printers Unlimited
Print Messages Limited to Printer Storage Capacity
Stored Jobs Unlimited
Stored Batched Jobs Unlimited
Servers One License Per Server
Diagraph NEXTConnect™ for Windows PC Create, Edit, Delete, Select and View Printers, Jobs, Batched Jobs
  Configure and View Notifications
  Create, Manage, and Delete Users
  Manage User Group Permissions
Diagraph NEXTConnect™ for Mobile Applications View and Select Printers, Jobs, Batched Jobs
  Create and Manage Users

Compatible Printing Technologies

Coding and Marking Platform Printer Type Firmware Version
Diagraph High Resolution Inkjet Diagraph IJ384E 12.3.0 or Greater
  Diagraph IJ768E 12.3.0 or Greater
Linx Continuous Inkjet Linx 8900 4.1.1 or Greater
  Linx 8910 4.1.1 or Greater
  Linx 8920 4.1.1 or Greater
    4.1.1 or Greater
  Linx 8940 4.1.1 or Greater

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