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Small Character Continuous InkJet Printing (CIJ)

Diagraph’s line up of Linx small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) print systems provides a wide range of continuous inkjet coding solutions to meet every budget, line speed, production environment and substrate material need.

Linx continuous small character inkjet printers are known for industry leading printhead reliability and extended maintenance intervals, requiring fewer interventions.

Linx coding and marking inkjet printers optimize productivity by delivering high quality codes even while operating at high speeds.  With easy-to-use and easy-to-install solutions, you can increase output with ease, and the user-friendly interfaces reduce operator errors. 

Linx CIJ printers comply with the coding and marking regulations within any industry, applying the perfect mark every time. Our coders are designed specifically to deliver continuous printing quality proven to meet legislation while protecting your brand.

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Linx 8900

The small character 8900 series of Linx continuous inkjet printers feature a simple user interface allowing for quick message setup and intuitive daily operation. The Linx CIJ printer can print up to 5 lines of alphanumeric text, produce high-quality machine-readable barcodes, 2D codes and other graphics using characters in a dot matrix format from heights of 1.8mm to 20mm. The compact inkjet printer can print onto both primary and secondary packaging, including onto glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and achieve line speeds up to 1,230 feet per minute.

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Linx 8900 Plus Series

Faster print speeds, enhanced mix cycle methodology, and extended service intervals make the Linx 8900 Plus Series printer a reliable solution for creating a wide range of high contrast marks on bottles, jars, wire, cable, extruded plastic, and parts. The continuous inkjet printer is available with soft pigmented black, blue, and yellow inks.

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Linx 7900

The advanced Linx continuous inkjet 7900 printer offers up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos, data matrix 2D codes. This CIJ robust printer is suitable for specialist coding applications. The Linx Technologies Insight® remote web interface is included as standard, enabling businesses to monitor the printer from a smart phone, and download or upload messages from a PC.

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Legacy Products

The Linx printing technologies legacy line of continuous printers includes the following products that have been discontinued for sale. View the product details to better understand your servicing or product upgrade options. If you are ready to make an upgrade, click here to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service reps.

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Legacy LINX CJ400

The Linx CJ400 small character continuous inkjet coder features the Easi-Change® Service Module: up to 3 lines of print; color touchscreen; and is compact, lightweight, and the most portable Linx CIJ printer under 30lbs. This compact printer easily moves from one production line to another.

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Legacy LINX 4900

The Linx 4900 continuous ink jet printer is designed to meet everyday product coding and marking requirements and to provide low total cost of ownership and simple, trouble free operation for product identification. The small inkjet printer can print up to 2 lines of alphanumeric characters on virtually any material and can handle line speeds up to 1,230 feet/minute.

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Linx 5900

3-line coding and IP55 rating as standard. This CIJ printer features faster line speeds over previous Linx continuous inkjet models and advanced message control as your coding needs change.

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What is CIJ or continuous inkjet technology?

Inkjet code printers commonly referred to as CIJ or continuous inkjet printers are dot matrix style printers that produce text, dates, batch/lot codes, graphics and linear, 2D and QR barcodes. CIJ printers are a great choice if you are needing to produce high volume, high speed non-contact printing of variable information, generally on primary products (for example “best if used by” date codes).

Continuous inkjet printers can mark onto virtually any substrate type ranging from plastic bags, glass jars, metal cans, paper cartons and more. Small character inkjet printers are mainly used for primary packaging of consumer goods products.

Because of the variety of ink types and colors available, you can achieve a high-contrast mark on nearly any color packaging. High-contrast marks are important to make sure your products are moving through the distribution line quickly and correctly. Keep in mind that CIJ technology relies on the use of solvent-based inks and can be flammable so make sure your operators are using safety wear when handling.

Another consideration for using CIJ inks is to protect your product from counterfeit. Continuous inkjet inks can mark security codes and internal tracking on the product that can be seen in certain circumstances known only by the manufacturer. Security UV inks are not visible to the naked eye, so they offer your products an extra level of protection.

Traceability is also very important when it comes to selecting the right equipment, you’re your products. All consumer goods products must contain some kind of tracking number, in the form of date codes, lot codes and batch codes. This is a crucial step in the supply chain identifying where or when it was produced in case of a recall or other issue. Diagraph’s Linx CIJ systems allow you to simplify the automated coding process with capabilities for storing diverse SKUs and preprogramming custom line settings. These features are instrumental in putting the right code, on the right products for end user traceability.