Diagraph provides solution to minimize data entry errors and enha
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Diagraph provides solution to minimize data entry errors and enhance fast and efficient ink jet label printing.

Diagraph provides solution to minimize data entry errors and enhance fast and efficient ink jet label printing.

The Proposal:

Diagraph, a leading supplier of marking, ink jet coding and ink jet labeling systems, was proposing a labeling solution for one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. The specifications requested a ink jet label printing solution with the following features:

  • Date calculations
  • Search fields and hidden fields
  • Sequential number field (starts with “1”)
  • Human readable Code 128 bar code
  • Connection to a database
  • Printer: Zebra R110 PX3 203DPI industrial ink jet printer

The Challenge:

The end user requested a robust and easy-to-use application that automatically calculates the ‘Ship To’ and expiration dates based on the actual date when the label was printed.

The Solution:

Diagraph recommended a NiceForm application that combines date addition functions with an easy database lookup and data selection function. “NiceForm provided the custom front end functionality without custom software,” said Charles Shepherd, Regional Market Director of Diagraph.

The NiceForm application is a front-end data entry interface that increases data entry while minimizing entry errors for operators. In this application, NiceForm prints a label that includes object fields, variables and date functions that address the specifications above required by the end user.

In addition, NiceForm provides a front-end data entry interface with easy database lookup and data selection tools such as Combo Boxes and List Boxes. All these tools help to minimize data entry errors and enhance fast and efficient ink jet label printing.

NiceLabel Webinar:

Niceware assisted the reseller with the label and form development. The technical support staff used the NiceLabel Webinar online training tool to walk the reseller through the steps of creating a function on a label. Within a day, the reseller learned how to create the application using both NiceLabel Pro and NiceForm. “NiceLabel offered all the tools needed to create such a demanding label printing application,” said Charles Shepherd, Regional Market Director of Diagraph. “NiceForm was easy to set up and required very little training for the customer to use. Niceware’s excellent Technical Support and quality Customer Services were additional strong reasons we made NiceLabel our first choice in labeling software.”

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