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  • Avoid Labeling Mistakes by Removing Plant Air Posted 9 months ago
    All-electric label applicators revolutionize the packaging industry by eliminating the reliance on plant air, providing precise applicator control for consistent and accurate label placement and ensuring secure label control for various label sizes.
  • Is training production line workers creating a challenge? No problem!  Posted 7 years ago
    Companies rely on engineers or technicians to keep production lines up and running. These job functions are essential to hitting production targets, so it is key that their skill level on equipment is proficient. When making the decision to replace this equipment, the amount of time and money that will have to be invested in training your labor is a major deciding factor.
  • How do I get labels to stick in hot and humid environments? Posted 4 years ago
    Something to be aware of when considering using labeling for product identification in a hot or humid environment is that labels are sensitive to temperature, making facility environment temperature a determining factor in choosing what label material to use on a product.  
  • Superior labeling power source — pneumatic air/electric labeling Posted 7 years ago
    Which is a superior labeling power source — pneumatic air or electric? There is a great debate in the packaging technology industry around the core driver.
  • How Push-Mode Piezo Print Technology Saves Significant Costs in Packaging Compliance Posted 3 years ago
    Every package printed with a noncompliant mark is a package you can’t ship, costing your company time and money. Improving print technology can help improve packaging compliance. Diagraph’s industrial inkjet printing technology was built specifically to improve print quality and production line uptime for manufacturing environments.
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Diagraphs Blog covers the latest in coding and labeling products

Don’t let fast drying ink slow down your CIJ coding process
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Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) use super-fast drying solvent-based inks. One of the technology challenges presented by these inks is that they aren’t too particular wherethey dry. With CIJ technology, the formation of drops from an inkjet stream creates a mist (or satellite drops) which builds up a layer of ink over time on the components inside the CIJ print head, causing print failure. Routine cleaning of ink with solvent from the components in a print head is required to maintain best print quality and uptime.
The ease of use of your equipment’s user interface can save your organization downtime
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Easy user interfaces can optimize your business, resulting in less errors, and more profits.
Do you have the best efficiency partner?
Linx believes using your resources (equipment, materials, time, energy and people) in the most productive manner.
How to expand your contract packaging capabilities with marking & coding printers
When it comes to contract packaging, companies are increasingly looking to consolidate their code printing requirements. Using multiple devices to print onto different sized containers and different material types is costly and inefficient. Companies now need to offer a full-service solution to be relevant and competitive.
How Push-Mode Piezo Print Technology Saves Significant Costs in Packaging Compliance
Every package printed with a noncompliant mark is a package you can’t ship, costing your company time and money. Improving print technology can help improve packaging compliance. Diagraph’s industrial inkjet printing technology was built specifically to improve print quality and production line uptime for manufacturing environments.
Ink for CIJ Printers
New accessories are also available for use with the printers, cover tube seal, splash cover, and specialty air knife kit, each designed to help food manufacturers with humid environments meet production requirements.
A centralized dashboard offers advantages over common control software
Not enough time in your day? Are you tired of firefighting coding defects? Stop being vulnerable to human mistakes and resource drains with NEXTConnect. This centralized dashboard saves you time and footsteps and offers peace of mind that your product is accurately coded. Become empowered to master critical coding tasks from a single screen, whether working from your PC, laptop or mobile device.
Laser marking on nutraceutical products provide robust traceability
Nutraceuticals are a rapidly expanding market in the United States and the market is expected to continue its growth by more than 8% over the next six years*. Laser coders are an ideal solution for the nutraceuticals market as they provide robust traceability to meet every budget, line speed and substrate material need.
Pharma manufacturer increases vaccine throughput with Linx lasers
A major manufacturer of pharmaceuticals produces medicines and now COVID-19 vaccines on high-speed lines. Because this customer had 20 years’ experience with Linx printers, they didn’t hesitate when they needed to upgrade their laser coders to increase throughput to meet demand.
New Yellow Ink Provides High Contrast Code on Dark Colored Bottles
Coding and marking specialist Linx Printing Technologies has launched its new Linx Yellow bottling ink 1088 to meet the demands of customers who require a high contrast code on dark colored bottles. These bottles are usually returned from the marketplace and cleaned in a caustic wash process, typically used for returnable bottles, before refilling and coding.
Food, glorious food - the benefits of using Continuous Ink Jet
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2020 will go down in history as a challenging time for food producers. While it is vital that food supplies to supermarkets are uninterrupted and rigorous hygiene is maintained, we should not forget the importance of the printed information that is provided to the consumer when it is on the shelf. There are heavy fines for batch and date codes that do not meet required legislation, and the printed codes must meet stringent traceability requirements should any recall be needed.
You need to think about your ink
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We’ve all been there. Starving at the end of the day and rushing into a supermarket to pick up something to eat. Consumers may give a cursory glance at the best before date on the package to confirm that the item is safe to eat. They give no thought (and why should they) to how much research and development has gone into the ink displaying the information on the package. Not so for those responsible for coding and marking in the food industry.
How to Manage Production Remotely During a Disaster
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The CDC reports a total of 6.8 million cases of Covid-19 with over 200,000 deaths in the US. We know it’s much safer to have employees work from home when possible to minimize risk of exposure since working onsite is extremely risky during Covid-19 even with social distancing measures. Essential businesses such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals have no choice but to maintain operations to continue to ship products on time. It is possible to keep product identification equipment going in essential industries while most or all your employees are working remotely.  
How to Overcome Manufacturing Challenges During a Crisis
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers in essential industries such as food, hygiene products, and medical supplies are needed more than ever. It’s critical that these products continue to be produced and shipped in a timely manner, to support the growing demand. Current manufacturers are doing the best they can to keep their production up at this time. And moreover, companies in industries from cosmetics to breweries to sustainable clothing are pivoting in the face of the COVID-19 disaster.
How can IIoT and centralized printer management software improve your operation?
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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming manufacturing and a whole host of other industries. IIoT connects industrial devices that can monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data, and leverage that data and connectivity to help you make smarter, faster and more effective business decisions.
Why Automated Material Handling and Data Management Are Vital to Achieving Packaging Compliance
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To achieve packaging compliance, manufacturers need more than picking the right product coding technology. Data management and packaging control and automation add another level of sophistication to an operation’s compliance practices.
How to Pick the Best Product Identification Solution
Product identification barcode
Step one of a manufacturer’s game plan for packaging compliance is to understand your manufacturing code and print application requirements, in order to pick the product identification solution that is best for your needs.
4 Key Considerations To Achieve Packaging Compliance
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The importance of packaging compliance in the supply chain cannot be overlooked. Consumer packaged goods need to meet packaging compliance to adhere to global and government regulations and retailer standards for product safety. When manufacturers fail packaging compliance, they can be subject to significant penalties and fines, suffer loss of customers and reputation, suffer supply chain inefficiencies, and more.
Score Savings with Diagraph at PACK EXPO Las Vegas in Booth C-4000
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Every year the biggest show in packaging and processing raises the bar for innovation and consumer trends. Whether you're looking for a solution to production challenges or you're attending to absorb new industry information, experts from across the industry exhibit at PACK EXPO to share their latest and greatest products and services. This fall, PACK EXPO kicks off in Las Vegas on September 23rd through the 25th.
Buying Versus Leasing Product Identification Equipment
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Capital expenses can be tough to get approved and can hold up much needed upgrades at the plant level. In fact – old, faulty, and inadequate equipment can cause costly disruptions to production, impacting the bottom line more significantly than the cost to upgrade. For manufacturers without the available capital to invest in purchasing new equipment, leasing can be a great option.
Is An All-Inclusive Service Agreement Right For You?
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All-inclusive service agreements have their perks. But how do you know if an all-inclusive service agreement is right for your facility?
Diagraph Equipment Maintenance Agreements
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Our goal at Diagraph is to make maintaining your coding and labeling equipment both proactive and predictable. “Proactive” because we believe that service interventions should always be planned, never a surprise. “Predictable” because we believe that service interventions should be done around your production schedule. When done properly, this helps eliminate equipment downtime, keeping your production running as smoothly as possible.
Diagraph Coding and Labeling Equipment Training Programs
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At Diagraph Marking & Coding, we believe that service interventions should always be planned, never a surprise. There are several components to an operations and maintenance program that make this possible, but one of the most important ones that we like to focus on is operator and maintenance team training.
How Account Trends Impact Future Planning for Coding and Labeling Operations
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At Diagraph Marking & Coding, we like to work closely with customers to understand the cycles of their business. This allows us to develop and recommend a personalized plan to manage maintenance schedules and on-hand supplies for their coding and labeling operations.
Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan Based on Equipment Utilization
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At Diagraph Marking & Coding, we believe that service interventions should always be planned, never a surprise. This is why we like to work with customers to get out ahead of wear-caused failures, giving them the ability to decide when service will be done around their own production schedules.
Top Recommended Inks for Inkjet Coding in the Dairy Industry
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No one wants to risk their health or the health of their family by bringing home dairy products with indistinguishable expiration dates. Regardless if your dairy plant produces fluid milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream, if your product does not have a legible expiration date on it chances are your product will remain on grocer’s shelves.
Marking 125 Years in Business with Special Customer Savings at PACK EXPO International
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2018 marks Diagraph’s 125th anniversary in business and we’re inviting the industry to celebrate this momentous occasion with us at PACK EXPO International in Chicago. Diagraph is exhibiting at booth N-5721 with our full line-up of product solutions including small character inkjet, high-resolution inkjet case coders, all-electric labelers and thermal transfer overprinters. Come visit us and discover our new initiatives designed to make product identification easy for our customers
Why Diagraph Believes in Predictable Service Support
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Our customers that realize the most value over the life of their coding and labeling equipment utilize some level of support from our factory-trained field service engineers. We fundamentally believe that service interventions should always be planned, never a surprise. With our flexible service and support options, we put customers in the driver’s seat of deciding when service will be done around their own production schedules.
Diagraph's Commitment To On-Time Delivery
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Not having what you need for your coding and labeling equipment when you need it can put a halt to production. This is why we recommend taking a proactive approach to the supplies you need to keep your equipment up and running in tip-top condition. The result? Your coding and labeling operations run like a well-oiled machine, with the right amount of consumables at the ready based on your production and the right parts on hand leading up to preventive maintenance actions.
What is the Diagraph Uptime Advantage?
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As a key component in our Diagraph Solution Center model, the Diagraph Uptime Advantage focuses on delivering more uptime through our products with minimal intervention requirements. We believe that our coding and labeling solutions should be the least of your worries. This is why our equipment solutions are built to withstand the toughest of manufacturing environments and consistently produce high quality marks – print after print after print.
Inside Diagraph’s Solution Matching Services
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To help our customers combat this growing issue, we are introducing what we call Diagraph Solution Matching Services. We will partner with you to conduct a complete site audit at your facility or, for larger customers, your family of facilities to pinpoint opportunities where slight changes in coding operations can provide valuable benefits.
Introducing the Diagraph Solution Center
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In the process of celebrating our past, we couldn’t help but look to the future. How are we going to write the next chapter in our 125-year-old story? This is a question that we asked ourselves leading up to this important anniversary. One thing we know for sure is that this chapter is not being written without the direct involvement of our customers as we have turned to them to help us chart a new course.
Delivering Innovation at Diagraph for 125 Years – and Counting
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Let’s set the scene: The year is 1893. Pepsi is introduced to the world for the first time as “Brad’s Drink” in New Bern, North Carolina. The zipper – referred to as a “clasp locker” – makes its debut at the Chicago World’s Fair. Inspired by views from Pikes Peak in Colorado, Katharine Lee Bates writes “America the Beautiful”. And on the banks of the Mississippi River along the St. Louis Levee, cargo piles up as it’s awaiting hand addressing…
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World´s Oldest Coding Company Stays Modern with Strategic Shift Across All Aspects of Its Business
The Top Choice for Date, Lot and Batch Coding
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Diagraph’s customers have spoken and they prefer the Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer for their date, lot and batch doing needs! Customer feedback cited several reasons that the Linx 8900 model is their top choice.
Using Product Coding and Labeling to Manage a Growing Number of SKUs
A number of factors contribute to the drastic rise in SKUs, like company acquisitions and portfolio merging, flavor variety, count variety and retailer-specific case sizes, to name a few. Managing an increasing number of SKUs is costly for snack food manufacturers, especially when a bulk of them only contribute a small portion to their bottom-line profit.
Sneak Peek at Diagraph's PACK EXPO Las Vegas Show Specials
Diagraph is offering exclusive show specials for PACK EXPO Vegas attendees who have their badges scanned at Booth C-4010.
Top 3 CIJ Features that Minimize Product Line Changeover Touches
To accommodate the demand of retailers, manufacturers are doing shorter runs of customized products resulting in as many as three product changeovers on each line in a single shift.
Look for these 4 CIJ Features When Facing Skilled Labor Challenges
Ease of serviceability was a common pain point expressed by customers at this year’s PMMI Annual Conference “The Customer Speaks — OpX Leadership Network Panel”. Manufacturers are experiencing frequent turnover, making it difficult to keep a staff knowledgeable, up-to-date and skilled on their equipment.
Coding is a CRAFT | Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Coding Provider
These three tips will help you choose a marking, coding and labeling equipment provider: TCO, ease of use, service support.
Selecting the Right Ribbon
Diagraph offers many different formulations of Norwood ribbon to allow us to offer solutions for most films. The coating and chemical make-up of the film is what drives the ribbon formulation. We offer wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons and within each of these 3 categories we offer a number of formulas and colors.
Comparing Pneumatic and Electric Label Printer Applicators
Diagraph’s E-Series labelers are considered the simplest, most reliable all-electric labeling solutions in the industry today thanks to years of continuous improvement and innovation. Our entire line up of Diagraph E-Series print and apply and automated label applicator systems build upon the durability of the proven Diagraph Platinum Series design, yet incorporate key electronic enhancements that allow it to perform more consistently and reliably over time.
Pack Expo Delivers
See what you can gain by attending Pack Expo Las Vegas...there is no shortage of ideas, solutions, and innovations on the show floor.
Top 10 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Confectionery Coder
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Consider these factors when searching for coding equipment for the confectionery industry.
Product Coding in the Presence of Chemicals
A common challenge when coding in the presence of chemicals is the reaction of coding ink to the product, process or environment. Marks can smear, bleed or disappear entirely.
Power Efficiency Can Save More Than Just A Few Pennies
Not all Label Applicators are created equal and the savings when operating a power efficient unit adds up.
FSMA Site Inspections Start in 2016
The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 gives the FDA broad powers to closely inspect food manufacturers and enforce strict traceability standards across the industry. Legally mandated facility inspections will start in 2016.
6 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Coding Solution for the Meat Processing Industry
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Compare different technologies and their strengths in meat processing applications
Analogue Vs. Digital Product Coding
A review of analogue and digital product coding in the meat packing industry. Do hot stamp users really need to make the switch to a digital coding solution? The answer may surprise you.
Meat Traceability: Marking & Coding Considerations
While the utmost care is taken to ensure that meat for human consumption is processed in hygienic environments, the law requires that meat packs are coded for traceability purposes; partly with the aim of enabling the consumer to have greater confidence in the food on their plate.