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Diagraphs Blog covers the latest in coding and labeling products

Sneak Peek at Diagraph's PACK EXPO Las Vegas Show Specials

Packaging and processing professionals from across the country will be in Las Vegas in September for PACK EXPO 2017 – and we hope that you’ll be one of them! Diagraph’s team will be at the show in Booth C-4010 showcasing our line-up of coding and labeling systems from continuous inkjet to all-electric labeling to thermal transfer overprinters and more. Stop by and we’ll show you why you can rely on the superior uptime performance of our printers so you can focus on what matters most to you – your product.

As an added value, those who visit Diagraph's PACK EXPO Booth C-4010 and have their badges scanned will be eligible to take advantage of our exclusive show specials that will run through the duration of 2017. 

CIJ Linx 8900


CIJ Linx 8900 | Best In Uptime Reliability 

BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF OFF: Buy any Linx 8900 Series printer and get the second for half off!

  • The hermetically sealed stainless steel printhead runs clean for up to 100 starts and stops
  • Perfect for building a spare printer inventory with the longest extended shutdown interval in the industry



 High-Resolution Large Character Inkjet   

High-Resolution Large Character Inkjet | Industry's Longest-Lasting Printhead

DOUBLE YOUR PRINT AREA: Get an IJ768E 4" printhead for the price of the IJ384E 2" printhead.

  • Rugged design, stainless steel orifice plate protects electronics and printheads from shock, vibration and chemical contaminants
  • Repairable printheads last up to 10 years in the field    
  • Double the available print area to accommodate larger, more complex messages


All-Electric Labeling  

All-Electric Labeling | Most Intelligent Labelers

"ALL-IN" LABELING DEAL: Buy any standard full printer/applicator or standard tamp label/applicator system and get all recommended accessories and training for free.

  • Auto-retract sensors recognize any variations in product height
  • Gentle tamp labeling onto each product limits the wear and tear of the actuator arm
  • Label present sensors tell the actuator arm to tamp gently onto each product only when label is fed from the roll, meaning no rework from missing labels    
  • Comes with 3 recommended sensors, warning tower, adjustable T-base stand, discrete I/O


Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters | Simplest Multi-Lane Integration

TTO COMBO DEAL: Buy one thermal transfer system (excluding the MLi) and get a spare printhead and ribbon starter pack for FREE.

  • Spare printhead for peace of mind
  • Complimentary ribbon to substrate matching service to build the starter ribbon pack for each system (6 rolls, must be formula we stock so a compatible match to all substrates is not guaranteed)

These offers are exclusive to visitors to the Diagraph booth C-4010 in PACK EXPO Las Vegas that have their badges scanned! You don’t want to miss out on these deals to upgrade your coding and labeling operations to more reliable, durable systems. Or, if you’re just starting out, this is a great opportunity to begin automating your coding operations.

We’ll see you in Vegas September 25-27!

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