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The History Of ITW Norwood

Now operating as Diagraph Marking & Coding, Norwood Marking Systems was widely known in the industry as a leading manufacturer of coding and marking equipment. Norwood offered a wide range of thermal transfer printers, hot stamp imprinters, embossing printers, overprinting equipment from Allen Coding Systems and wire and sleeve marking systems from Kingsley Machine Company.

Long recognized worldwide for quality, Norwood built a strong reputation for its total-systems approach featuring innovative equipment, world-class customer support and an assortment of high-performance ribbons, type and other printer parts and accessories. Norwood extended its expertise to customers in the food, beverage, chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, aerospace, military, and other industrial markets.

All Norwood manufacturing, sales, and service operations have been transitioned to Diagraph, a full-service marking, coding, and labeling solutions provider with a world-wide sales and service organization.

Diagraph and ITW Norwood Logos

Norwood Marking Systems was at the forefront of automated marking machine innovation as it developed world's first hot stamp imprinters for the food industry over 50 years ago.

Today, Norwood continues as a market leader operating worldwide as Diagraph Marking & Coding, designing and manufacturing a range of innovative coding and marking equipment for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide.

Diagraph supplies a range of innovative thermal transfer overprinters, hot stamp imprinters, embossing printers and Kingsley wire, sleeve and tube marking systems in addition to a wide range of inkjet coding, all-electric labeling, and laser coding technologies. The company provides printing solutions for customers in the food, beverage, chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, aerospace, military, and other industries.

Diagraph’s coding and marking systems enable customers to print variable data on a wide assortment of packaging materials and label substrates as well as wire and sleeving. In-line on-demand coding and marking reduces inventory of pre-printed packaging materials. Variable printing real-time data such as UPC codes, RSS bar codes, lot numbers, production codes, expiration dates and sell-by dates improves product identification, security and tracking.

Recognized worldwide for its expertise in coding and marking, Diagraph offers a total-systems approach that features quality equipment along with world-class customer support and an assortment of high-performance ribbons, type, inks and other printer parts and accessories. This combination of quality products and services - this unparalleled dedication to excellence - is focused on improving every customer's bottom line. Diagraph helps customers maximize print quality and improve production efficiencies while reducing operational costs.

Diagraph supports customers around the world with direct operations and a network of talented representatives and distributors in more than 50 countries.

In April of 1932, Lewis Kingsley patented his clever new invention: imprinting the round surface of a fountain pen. His invention, a hot-stamping machine, employed curved face type which corresponded to the profile of the pen barrel. The machines produced flawless results and were easily adapted to an endless variety of uses. Lewis formed the Kingsley Machine Company and set about the business of putting a Kingsley machine in every Stationery, Drug and Department Store in America.

Nine years later the Navy conceived the idea of using a Kingsley Machine to imprint identification codes on aircraft wire. With war on the horizon, aircraft manufacturers were desperately looking for ways to increase production efficiencies. Lewis responded with every resource he could rally. Within weeks, hundreds of Kingsley Machines were retooled for wire marking. It was estimated that over the course of the war, Kingsley machines had saved the country several hundred-million dollars in manufacturing, while contributing significantly to aviation safety.

In the sixty years since Lewis founded his company, Kingsley has grown to become the world leader in high performance marking systems. In 1995 Kingsley was acquired by Norwood and fully merged into Diagraph in 2018. Today, Kingsley machines still provide diverse marking solutions to over 7,000 aerospace, electronics, transportation, medical device, and military customers around the world.

Allen Coding Systems has been designing and manufacturing high quality overprinting equipment since 1977. Considered one of the leading designers of hot stamp and thermal transfer coding systems today, Allen serves companies in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, tobacco, automotive and other industries. With an extensive network of distributors and agents in every corner of the world, the U.K. and Germany-based company supports over 13,000 installations worldwide with in-country technical support, spare parts, training and preventative maintenance.

Acquired by Illinois Tool Works in February 2006, Allen reports to Diagraph Marking & Coding, also a company of ITW. By joining forces, Diagraph and Allen offer the widest assortment of thermal transfer printers and hot stamp coders as well as inkjet coders and labelers to satisfy the widest range of coding and marking applications. Customers benefit from the broad product line, which features best-in-class technologies, as well as the extensive service organizations and expanded R&D capabilities.