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Legacy Allen MLi-TE True Edge Thermal Transfer Printer

In the interest of offering our customers the latest innovations at competitive prices, this product is no longer for sale. We will be working proactively to ensure a seamless transition for our current customers moving from the legacy systems to our latest innovation. Customers with Allen MLi-TE thermal transfer printers are encouraged to contact the Diagraph Sales & Service team at 1-800-722-1125 or email sales@diagraph.com to discuss replacement options and technical support for this equipment.

The Allen MLi-TE is a multiple head thermal transfer print system that utilizes a unified, configurable design that only requires one controller and one consumable for up to 12-lanes of print. Unique, serialized print messages consisting of expiration date, lot, serialized batch and QR codes can be utilized across each individual lane of print. The 12-head system is capable of printing up to 800 messages per minute, allowing for maximum throughput.

The Allen MLi-TE is a more economical and user-friendly alternative to traversing CIJ and TTO machines, pairing seamlessly with form-fill-seal stick pack and sachet machines.


  • Prints up to 800 messages per minute (12-head system) by utilizing multiple thermal printheads and a high speed shuttling carriage
  • Single modular streamlined design with minimal cabling allows for easy integration with other machines
  • Simple, centralized message creation for individual and batch messages across all lanes of print
  • Clean and efficient single consumable for the entire system reduces downtime and complexity
  • Multiple standard configurations allow you to scale the system to the unique application requirements
  • Prints high quality barcodes, text and graphics on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Print areas up to 2.20” (56 mm) wide and 1.5” (40 mm) or 3.5” (90mm) in length
Controller A:touch2
Communications Ethernet/Serial
Frame Size
Height 275 mm
Depth 273 mm
Width 620 mm /820 mm /1020 mm
Ribbon Length 1000 m max
Ribbon Width 60 mm
Ribbon Diameter 110 mm Max.
Ribbon Type Externally Coated
Max. Spool Speed 2000 mm/Second
Print Area System Type 620 820 1020
Stroke Area 40/90 mm 40/90 mm 40/90 mm
Max. Print Area 420 mm 620 mm 820 mm
Max. Number of True Edge Printheads 8 12 12
True Edge Printheads
Max. Number 12
Useable Print Width 56 mm
Resolution 300 dpi
Print Speed 50-70 mm/Second
Min. Thermal Printhead Spacing 46 mm
Max. Throughput 70 Cycles/Minute
Resistance Individual Adjustment
Operational Mode Intermittent
Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current Max. 20A (100 VAC)
Protection ESD Protected
Environmental Conditions
Temperature 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Humidity 40 to 90%, Non-Condensing

¹ Tolerances apply | ² approximately

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