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Small Chartacter Inks - General Black Ink

General Purpose Black Dye Inks

For excellent adhesion and durable marks on porous or non-porous materials, Diagraph offers numerous varieties of Linx general-purpose black dye inks. Ideal for creating a high-contrast code on most packaging types like paper, metal, glass and plastics. Linx general-purpose black inks come in different ink and solvent bases (MEK, acetone, ethanol) and a range of drying times

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Process-Specific Inks

Process-Specific Inks

In challenging applications where products undergo additional processes, codes can function as a completion verification by changing color or being removed. We carry Linx black water-removable 1035 and black alkali-removable 1070 inks, common in beverage industry, steel, aluminum and plastic applications. For retort canning processes requiring a visual indicator of a completed sterilization process, Diagraph offers two Linx thermochromic inks – purple to pink 1281 or black to blue 1291.

Security Inks

Security Inks

Manufacturers of high-value products like electronics or imported spirits take preventive measures against counterfeiting through authenticity codes. Clear UV-readable 1121 and clear security 3160 inks provide an unobtrusive method of marking products – allowing manufacturers to track and verify products through the supply chain without compromising the integrity of high ticket item packaging.

Soft Pigmented Inks

Soft-Pigmented Inks

Ideal for applications in electronics, cable, wire, and extrusions, Diagraph carries four Linx soft-pigmented inks in three colors (1009 Black, 1033 Blue, 1039 Yellow, 1079 Yellow) to create high-contrast marks on both light and dark surfaces. These soft-pigmented inks are designed for compatibility with Linx Plus 8900 printers.