Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan Based on Equipment Utiliza
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Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan Based on Equipment Utilization
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At Diagraph Marking & Coding, we believe that service interventions should always be planned, never a surprise. This is why we like to work with customers to get out ahead of wear-caused failures, giving them the ability to decide when service will be done around their own production schedules. Whether working directly with the Diagraph Field Service Team to keep your fleet of coding and labeling equipment running smoothly or taking on the bulk of the maintenance work on your own, we like to closely advise customers on preventive maintenance and wear part supply plans that are ideal for the age and utilization of their equipment.

There are several factors we take into consideration when developing maintenance recommendations for customers:

  1. Manufacturing Environment – The manufacturing environment is key when determining your equipment’s preventive maintenance schedule. Particularly harsh environments that are dusty, cold, hot, or humid tend to require more frequent equipment checks and preventive maintenance actions to ensure that equipment stays running as optimally as possible. Because equipment uptime is just as important to us as it is to you, we like to recommend wear parts to keep on hand that may be needed more frequently due to your environmental conditions.
  2. Equipment Usage – We know that not all coding and labeling equipment is used at the same rate within a single facility. This is why we like to work closely with customers to track equipment usage and identify strategies to move equipment around to not only extend the useful life of equipment, but also lengthen service intervals as much as possible. This helps save money in both the short-term and in the long-run while maximizing the availability of your equipment. Equipment can also be rotated to accommodate preventive maintenance service actions without having an impact on your high production areas.
  3. Service Intervals – We prefer for major equipment servicing to be done on a proactive, preventative basis rather than when equipment unexpectedly fails. This is why we work with customers to identify service intervals that are unique to their type of equipment, production throughput and manufacturing environment. We closely monitor equipment performance to recommend service intervals that are appropriate for the age, expected use and overall performance of the equipment. The older the equipment, the more closely it needs to be watched to prevent surprises.


Our happiest customers have well looked-after equipment, whether they are taking the lead on maintaining the equipment themselves or partnering directly with Diagraph for equipment service. At Diagraph, we offer training programs to match the skill level of your operations and maintenance teams, have custom preventive maintenance programs tailored to your team’s needs and goals, and offer premier programs for customers who prefer the peace-of-mind that comes with their equipment being fully covered.

Interested in learning more about Diagraph’s Field Service Team? Speak with a Diagraph representative today by calling 1.800.722.1125 or contacting us through the website.

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