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Diagraph Introduces LINX CJ400 Continuous Ink Jet Coder


NEW!  Diagraph Introduces the LINX CJ400
Continuous Ink Jet Coder
St. Louis, MO . . . Diagraph is pleased to introduce the LINX CJ400 Continuous Ink Jet Coder.  This CIJ coder offers a radically new design and has been developed to be easy-to-use, providemaximum reliability,andsave money.  
Key Features of the LINX CJ400 Continuous Ink Jet Coder:
• Easi-Change® service module – scheduled maintenance is easily completed without the need for service calls. All relevant parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and no need to expose other critical components during servicing.
• Compact lightweight design – under 30 lbs., the CJ400 is the lightest printer on the market. It is easy and quick to move between production lines making this the most portable printer.
• Color touch screen with on-screen help – one step set up with simple prompts enable users to start coding right away. Easy to follow step by step message creation and editing without manuals.
• 4 line settings can be saved for up to 4 production linesto allow quick change over for multiple production line applications.
• Standard 1 to 2 lines of text with 3-line, carton coding and Ethernet option – PrintSync® simple automatic message style selection provides the best possible print quality at different line speeds. 
USB message and printer back up – easily share messages and settings between printers. Download bitmap logos to the printer via USB for custom printing.
Auto-flush printhead cleaning – on startup and shutdown the CJ400 will perform a flush cleaning of the printhead and lines. This insures a reliable one-button startup.
SureFill® fluid replenishment – fast, mistake proof refills while printing ensure maximum uptime.
62 micron printhead nozzle – save up to 40% ink usage compared to other CIJ printers. Solvent consumption is also reduced by up to 33%.
Large message store – LINX CJ400 has the capacity to store 1,000 typical messages used in production.
For more information or to request a free demonstration, call 800-722-1125, send emails to [email protected]or visit www.diagraph.com.  
Click here to view a video of the CJ400 in action, and also watch other videos of coding and labeling applications, customer success stories and demonstrations from the trade show booth, by visiting YouTube’s Diagraph Channel www.youtube.com/diagraphitw.   Also, please take a moment to “Like Us” on Facebook www.facebook.com/diagraphitw in order to receive announcements and stay in touch with what’s new at Diagraph.
Diagraph, An ITW Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of marking, coding and labeling systems and supplies, and has been in the product identification industry for over 100 years. Diagraph’s products include ALL-ELECTRIC SERVO labelers, LINX continuous ink jet and laser coders, and industrial large character ink jet and thermal jet systems. Acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 2001, Diagraph has the resources and financial backing of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 organization. ITW has 825+ business units in over 50 countries employing nearly 60,000 men and women worldwide.  

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