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    Every package printed with a noncompliant mark is a package you can’t ship, costing your company time and money. Improving print technology can help improve packaging compliance. Diagraph’s industrial inkjet printing technology was built specifically to improve print quality and production line uptime for manufacturing environments.
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Linx range of small character continuous ink jet (CIJ) printersLinx Printing Technologies has announced a change in its distribution network for the Linx range of small character continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers in the United States.

Diagraph, An ITW Company, who has been a distributor of Linx printers, parts and consumables for over 12 years, takes responsibility for Linx distribution previously conducted by Matthews Marking Products© with immediate effect. Diagraph will be responsible for all new Linx CIJ product sales, customer service and on-site servicing and technical support of Linx coding equipment. The Company also holds inventory of Linx equipment, including printers, spare parts, accessories, inks and solvents.

“We already have an excellent relationship with Linx, an expert knowledge of its products, and we welcome the opportunity to provide the highest levels of service for Linx customers that have yet to experience Diagraph,” comments Bruce Castro, Director of Service, at Diagraph, An ITW Company.

Diagraph is a leading manufacturer and distributor of marking, coding, labeling & RFID systems and supplies. The Company has been engineering and building automated product identification systems for over 30 years, and has been in business for over 100 years. With the resources and backing of ITW (a Fortune 200, multi-billion dollar organization), Diagraph can provide the highest levels of best-in-class products, cost-saving services and customer-friendly business practices all delivered by a nation-wide network of experienced direct sales & service representatives.

If Linx printer owners have an immediate servicing or printer requirement and would like to speak with someone from Diagraph, please call 800-722-1125.

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