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Improve Efficiency with the Linx 8900


The all new Linx 8900 was a hit during its debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas! Visitors loved the simple one-touch fluid refill design, the enhanced user interface paired with the large touch screen, the engineer-free self service module, and, of course, the industry leading reliability that comes with the Linx printhead. The Linx 8900 leads the way into the next generation of small character continuous inkjet printers.


One-touch Fluid Refill

The Linx 8900's new one-touch fluid refill design allows operators to change ink and solvent in one easy step. The solvent capacity in the inkjet printer has been doubled to better match the ink-to-solvent use ratio and the printer features an 8 hour low-to-empty warning, allowing manufacturers to run an entire shift without having to refill fluids.

10" Capacitive Touchscreen with Easy User Interface

The customizable user interface allows plant managers to put the functions most important to the line's operations right at the fingertips of the operator. The Linx 8900 also features real time output reporting and gives you the option of tracking the cause of line stoppages. All of this made easier by a large capacitive touchscreen that doesn't require you to remove your gloves to operate.

Engineer-Free Self Service Module

The Linx 8900's new self service module assembles all critical service parts in one place, allowing machine operators or on-site maintenance professionals to conduct routine maintenance without the need to call in a Diagraph field service engineer. All you have to do is follow 7 easy steps prompted by on-screen instructions to install the new self service module to accomplish routine maintenance in 30 minutes or less. What's even better is the extended machine maintenance interval of 18 months and the ability to schedule maintenance around your own production schedule.

Industry Leading Printhead

No other printhead allows up to 100 starts/stops between printhead cleanings. The secret to our typical 3 month cleaning interval is in our sealed design. When cleaning is required, it can be done more quickly without the risk of damaging exposed parts or the need for readjustments. Many of our customers struggled through poorly designed printheads before arriving at our Linx CIJ printers as the ultimate solution. If you are delaying production time to keep your printheads clean, we need to talk.


Contact us to learn more about the Linx 8900. We will put you in touch with a Diagraph marking and coding expert located in your area.

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