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Ink for CIJ Printers

Ink for CIJ Printers

Diagraph offers the 1088 Yellow Bottling Pigmented Ink for the Linx 89xx Series printers designed for use in harsh manufacturing environments.

This content was submitted directly to this website by the supplier.

From - Diagraph, An ITW Company

June 2nd, 2021

New accessories are also available for use with the printers, cover tube seal, splash cover, and specialty air knife kit, each designed to help food manufacturers with humid environments meet production requirements.

Many food producers face additional challenges in complying with coding requirements when their production environment has high humidity or when condensation is present and/or builds up on cold fill packaging. The presence of moisture is problematic for coding quality and can negatively impact coding equipment performance.

Michelle Chamberlain, Diagraph Product Manager, said, “The Linx 89xx Series printers, with their stainless-steel construction and IP55/IP65 protection ratings, are designed to operate reliably in tough industrial environments. When application conditions go beyond normal humidity or when condensation builds up, the engineered Linx 89xx offered by Diagraph keeps production on target. The new pigmented ink and accessories are designed to make it easier for our customers to meet their production requirements.”

The  Linx 1088 Yellow Bottling Pigmented ink, from coding and marking solutions manufacturer Diagraph, provides contrast on dark substrates and is designed for adherence onto wet, slick substrates. The ink can be removed with a light caustic wash for returnable glass bottle applications. Other Linx inks include the Linx black wet process or bottling inks which are used when it is critical for marks to remain stable through tough freeze/thaw, cold room or cold fill coding applications.

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