These Common CIJ Maintenance Issues Could Be Affecting Your Uptim
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These Common CIJ Maintenance Issues Could Be Affecting Your Uptime

Companies using non-contact high speed Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology to mark information (including expiration dates) on their product may not be aware that a key component of their marking system – the fluids – also have expiration dates. CIJ fluids need to be able to adhere to a variety of substrates and dry within seconds. Individual ink drops are manipulated by the application of a negative electrical charge. The technology works because the ink is conductive and able to accept the charge for proper placement to generate characters, barcodes, and graphics. CIJ fluids have expiration dates tied to the ability of the ink to maintain the charge for best print quality. Common maintenance of CIJ printers includes periodic refresh of fluids and filters to keep the printer running at peak performance with optimal print quality.

Linx Printing Technologies has introduced two new CIJ models to the 8900 Series, models 8920 and 8940. These new models offer Advanced System Monitoring which provides real time information about the health of the printer. It monitors printer operating parameters which can identify dirty air filters, dirty fluid filters, and ink degradation resulting from harsh environments and aging. Any CIJ printer under these conditions will experience increasingly poor print quality or even printer failure.

Ink Usage Chart

Advanced System Monitoring will provide a warning if any of the above items have been observed. Dirty air filters should then be cleaned to allow the printer to maintain proper cooling of electronics. Dirty ink filters can cause lack of pressure and increased wear on the pump, and ink degradation will result in poor print quality. Dirty ink filters and ink degradation indicate that it is time to change out the service module.

The system monitoring allows you to identify and alleviate problems with the printer before they result in poor print quality or costly downtime. This is predictive maintenance in its purest form and brings manufacturers closer to 100% avoidance of unscheduled downtime.

Function and benefit highlights of Linx Advanced System Monitoring

Function and Benefit Highlights

Still have questions about how you can prevent downtime activities in your production line? Call 1.800.722.1125 or email about the Linx Advanced System Monitoring.

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