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Legacy Allen MLi-NE Near Edge Thermal Transfer Printer

Customers with the Allen MLi-NE Near Edge thermal transfer print system are encouraged to contact the Diagraph Sales & Service team at 1-800-722-1125 or email [email protected] to discuss replacement options and technical support for this equipment

Achieve multiple lanes of print on sachets, stick packs and blister packages with the unified, modular design of the Allen MLi-NE Near Edge thermal transfer print system. The single controller drives up to 8 print heads at industry-leading print speeds of up to 300 mm/s. Automatic resistance value detection at the printhead level ensures consistent printing across all lanes. The easy-to-operate user interface and front-access ribbon refill greatly reduces downtime and monitoring complexity.


  • Single controller design configures unique message and printhead settings across all lanes
  • Faster print speed of up to 300 mm/s in multi-lane applications
  • Industry leading throughput achieves up to 560 messages per minute using the 8-head system as an alternative to traversing CIJ and TTO
  • More consistent, reliable prints with automatic printhead resistance value detection
  • Less downtime and intervention with longer-lasting near edge thermal printheads
  • Porous and non-porous surface printing includes high resolution barcodes, variable date codes and text
Controller A:Touch2
Communications Ethernet / Serial

Frame Size

Height 275 mm
Depth 280 mm
Width 620 mm / 820 mm / 1020 mm


Ribbon Length 1000m max.
Ribbon Width 60mm
Ribbon Diameter 110 mm Max.
Ribbon Type Externally Coated (CSO)

System Type
Print Area 620 820 1020
Stroke Area 40/90/140 mm 40/90/140 mm 40/90/140 mm
Max. Print Area 410 mm 610 mm 810 mm
Max. Number of Thermal Printheads 7 8 8

Near Edge
Max. Number 8
Useable Print Width 53 mm
Resolution 300 dpi
Print Speed 90-300 mm/Second
Min. Thermal Printhead Spacing 60 mm
Max. Throughput 70 Cycles/minute
Resistance Auto detects
Operational Mode Intermittent


Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current Max. 20A (100 VAC)
Protection ESD Protected

Environmental Conditions

Temperature 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Humidity 40-90%, non-condensing

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