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  • Avoid Labeling Mistakes by Removing Plant Air Posted 9 months ago
    All-electric label applicators revolutionize the packaging industry by eliminating the reliance on plant air, providing precise applicator control for consistent and accurate label placement and ensuring secure label control for various label sizes.
  • Is training production line workers creating a challenge? No problem!  Posted 7 years ago
    Companies rely on engineers or technicians to keep production lines up and running. These job functions are essential to hitting production targets, so it is key that their skill level on equipment is proficient. When making the decision to replace this equipment, the amount of time and money that will have to be invested in training your labor is a major deciding factor.
  • How do I get labels to stick in hot and humid environments? Posted 4 years ago
    Something to be aware of when considering using labeling for product identification in a hot or humid environment is that labels are sensitive to temperature, making facility environment temperature a determining factor in choosing what label material to use on a product.  
  • Superior labeling power source — pneumatic air/electric labeling Posted 7 years ago
    Which is a superior labeling power source — pneumatic air or electric? There is a great debate in the packaging technology industry around the core driver.
  • How Push-Mode Piezo Print Technology Saves Significant Costs in Packaging Compliance Posted 3 years ago
    Every package printed with a noncompliant mark is a package you can’t ship, costing your company time and money. Improving print technology can help improve packaging compliance. Diagraph’s industrial inkjet printing technology was built specifically to improve print quality and production line uptime for manufacturing environments.
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Diagraphs Blog covers the latest in coding and labeling products

RFID Print/Apply System
Diagraph has recently announced the release of a mid-range automated RFID printer/applicator capable of performing encoding rates of 32 products per minute with reject capability. This system incorporates the patented TampTenna™, which allows RFID encoding to be performed outside of printer, on the tamp pad itself.
New XLS Controller for IJ3000 Ink Jet System
Diagraph introduces the latest generation of controllers in its IJ3000™ line of large character ink jet printers—the IJ3000 XLS Controller. This web-server HMI features a large, 10.4” colored touchscreen display, 200 and 300dpi print resolution and enhanced message editor with drag-n-drop field placement
Diagraph takes responsibility for Linx distribution previously conducted by Matthews Marking Products© with immediate effect.
The Total Cost of Ownership:
When looking at purchasing small character continuous ink jet coding equipment, it’s important to take a step back and look at the total cost of ownership.
Diagraph Introduces the NEW Platinum Series Label Print/Apply Systems
These printer/applicators made their debut at Pack Expo 2006 in Chicago.
IV9-Dot Printhead for the Ij3000 Ink Jet System
Diagraph is pleased to introduce the IV9-Dot Printhead for the Ij3000 Integrated Valve Large Character Ink Jet System.
Diagraph provides solution to minimize data entry errors and enhance fast and efficient ink jet label printing.
Read how Diagraph provided a label printing solution for a food and beverage company.
RFID is to Cellular as Barcode is to Phone Booth
RFID will replace the barcode. The barcode will still exist, just like the phone booth, for the occasional need.
2D Bar Code Addresses Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act
The process for marking the cans is the same as code dating, just with the added 2D bar code printed in a 16x16 matrix.
Diagraph introduces a new printhead for Impulse Jet large character ink jet printers
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Diagraph introduces a new printhead for its new generation IJ/3000™ Impulse Jet large character ink jet printers. With the addition of the IJ/768 (4”) printhead, customers have four IJ/3000 Impulse Jet printhead choices to satisfy virtually any marking or coding application: IJ/96 (3/4”), IJ/192 (1”), IJ/352 (2”) and IJ/768 (4”).
Diagraph introduces the LA/4700 High-Speed Label Priner Applicator
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The LA/4700 Wipe Label Printer Applicator is designed to apply labels ranging in size from ½” W x ½”L to 9”W x 22”L
Introducing ITW Ink Jet Inks from Diagraph, Formulated for use in Marsh Ink Jet Printers
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Diagraph, An ITW Company, announces the addition of ITW Inks to its wide range product offering.
RFID Training Center- Learn how RFID can change businesses processes for your company
Here, you will learn how the world of RFID can change the way that you do business for the better!
Print High Resolution Bar Codes With Trident Powered Print Heads for the Impulse Jet System
Diagraph, An ITW Company, introduces the new IJ/384 printhead for the IJ/3000™ Impulse Jet Large Character Ink Jet System. This IJ/384 printhead utilizes the new third generation print engine from Trident®. This printhead features a 2” imaging height at 192 vertical dpi for smooth true-type fonts and logos, as well as UPC/EAN and SCC-14 bar codes at 200 horizontal dpi.
Diagraph introduces the latest generation of controllers in its IJ3000™ line of large character ink jet printers
To launch this new product, Diagraph has created special package “Ij3000 ES kits” for dual head Integrated Valve 9 or 18 dot printhead applications
Radio Frequency Identification is to Barcode as Cellular to Phone Booth
RFID codes are the movement of the future. Read more here about how RFID codes are replacing barcodes.
Linx and Diagraph Strengthen U.S. Distribution 2009
Linx Printing Technologies has announced a change in its distribution network for the Linx range of small character continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers in the United States.
Diagraph Marking and Coding is very pleased to announce the release of the latest generation Integrated Valve printhead, the IV9 Dot
Diagraph is pleased to announce the release of the latest generation Integrated Valve printhead, the IV9 Dot.